Employees Are Our Most Important and Valued Resource

At Applied Controls, we believe maintaining a collaborative and empowered workforce is vital to long-term business success.  Our employees are a powerful resource for new ideas on process improvement. Process improvements like how to better serve our customers through ideas like: ways to improve quality, reduce installation costs, improve communications, just to name a few. 

Constantly Improving

Honest feedback from all areas of our organization is a key part of our ongoing success. We encourage feedback in many ways, including regularly asking for it, showing humility and openness to all viewpoints, and being transparent in our decision making. The most impactful way we encourage our employees to help us innovate is by acting on their thoughts and suggestions. While it is not always possible to enact every employee suggestion, we always take the time to discuss every suggestion between employees and decision makers to ensure every idea is thoughtfully considered.

Eliminating inefficiency through innovation

We believe in leadership through service. This philosophy is brought to life in our daily interactions with employees, vendors and customers. In order to best serve our employees, we must remove obstacles that keep them from helping customers effectively. Many times, those barriers are simple internal changes. Our employees are empowered to make decisions that positively affect how their job is done and to provide better quality or lower costs to our customers. This allows us to create innovative customer solutions and minimize the red tape that hinders meaningful customer relationships.

Keeping the Team at the Center

At Applied Controls, an employee’s success is the team’s success. When a problem arises, we encourage our employees to take ownership of that issue and see it through to completion. The words “That’s not my job” have no place at Applied Controls because every customer concern is our job. Solutions often require the collaboration of a larger team, but identifying issues and driving to a solution is a responsibility every one of our employees take seriously.


At Applied Controls we work hard to foster an environment of mutual respect. We believe that begins by treating people with dignity, making decisions based on fact instead of emotion, recognizing people for a job well done and most important, listening to everyone. And not just listening, but actually hearing what’s being said, how it’s being said and why it’s being said. This creates a workplace where ideas can flow and those ideas can be channeled into creating value for those inside and outside our organization.

Turning the Pyramid Upside Down

We believe the old fashion ‘Management Pyramid’ is archaic and a relic of bad business philosophy. We tip that pyramid upside down. No one at Applied Controls ‘works’ for a manager, instead the opposite is true. The management team works for the employees. The goal of management is to provide everyone at Applied Controls with the tools, knowledge, and time to be successful. Responding to their needs and ideas as quickly and sincerely as possible.

Three #1 Priorities

Our number 1 priority is … customers, employees, and profits. Yes, we have three #1 priorities. We do not put profits ahead of our customers, we do not put customers ahead of employees. We strongly believe all three are of equal importance. We believe good business practices make it possible to not compromise one in order to achieve another. This is not a zero-sum game where in order to be successful in one area, another area most suffer. We can be successful on all three of our #1 priorities. This company would not exist without its customers, our customers would not do business with us without our employees, and without strong financial health we would not be around long.

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