Company Ethics

Building Strong Relationships through Responsive Service

When you reach out to us for help, your issue becomes our priority.  We respond to every customer request with urgency and care.

Our controls experts work with you directly to understand your issues, make impactful recommendations and create a plan to implement solutions that will have the greatest impact.  We strive to earn customer trust every day through authentic communication, setting clear expectations and keeping our promises. 

Ethics – Not Just a Tagline, Values in Action

A strong company is not built on an obsession with the bottom line.  It is built on the strength of its reputation and long-standing customer relationships forged through years of delivering real value and keeping promises.  This is exactly how Applied Controls continues to build our reputation as an industry leader in environmental controls systems.  We charge competitive and fair prices for our services, and we don’t let the bottom line stop us from doing the right thing.  We strive to exemplify the highest standards in every area of our company:

  • Hassle free Warranty work
  • Upfront, fair pricing for all our work – even emergency calls
  • Consistent customer communication throughout your project
  • Error resolution that is focused on results
When your project is complete, we are still here for you.

Applied Controls warranties our work for 12 months from commissioning. Our skilled technicians are available to handle any size repair and keeping the promise that our warranty implies. If you have a problem, we will focus on resolving it quickly, with as little inconvenience to you as possible.

You know the Cost before we start

Up front, honest communication is how all good business relationships are formed. Even overnight calls for emergency service are given our labor rate information as we discuss their problem. We also provide a link to those rates on our website. Armed with accurate information, our customers are able to make decisions based on what is best for them.

Professional Project Management

Our project management process is built with the customer at its center. Our sales people work with you to identify your specific needs and priorities. Our design engineers work with you to ensure the design for your project is what you expect. And our installation team, comprised of Project Managers, Union Electricians, and Technicians, keep you informed of your project’s progress.

One Step Problem Resolution – Just Fix It

Far too often many hours are wasted when an issue arises trying to figure out who is at fault, meanwhile the problem sits unaddressed. We are not in the business of finding fault – we are in the business of providing solutions. The final result is quality work and an ongoing relationship with a company that is easy to do business with.

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