New Buildings – New Systems
Applied Controls is fully staffed with a team of professionals to handle any size construction project. We are capable of working within every tier of contracting to provide the exact control system specified. Your project will be handled by our professional team of:

  • OSHA 30-Hour Certified Technicians
  • Skilled Union Electricians
  • Efficient and professional Project Managers
  • Knowledgeable and experienced Application Engineers

Existing Buildings – Retrofit / Replaced Systems
Upgrading your entire control system, or just pieces of it, is a great way to improve tenant comfort and reduce energy consumption.  See the Consultation section below for information on how we can help you put together a plan to meet your needs.

Existing Buildings – Extend and Modify Existing Systems
Are you remodeling or adding an extension to your building?  Applied Controls can reconfigure your existing control system to meet your new objectives.  Whether you simply need programming changes or your project requires additional controllers, sensors, and actuators, our experienced staff can help you fully understand your options.

Ongoing Services

Our Emergency Service line is available 24/7/365 and your call is answered by an actual Applied Controls employee who will discuss your situation, give you service options available, review service rates, and can begin work on your emergency by:

  • Using remote technology to solve some problems off-site reducing cost
  • Being on site with you to ensure your most pressing needs are addressed
  • Timing our services to meet your comfort and budgetary needs based on transparent pricing
  • Referring you to reputable mechanical service provider for non-control related emergencies.

We want to be the first call you make when you face an environmental control emergency.

Non-emergency / Planned
Sometimes the services you need from us are not an emergency, but you still want to get them done in a time frame that meets your needs.  Call or email us and you’ll be talking with an experienced and knowledgeable account representative quickly.  If you know exactly what work needs to be performed, we’ll provide you with all the information you need so you can decide if you want Applied Controls to do the work.  If you do not know exactly the work that needs to be performed, our Account Representative will work with you to determine all your options.

Service Agreements
A building automation system is as complex as a performance automobile or high-speed data network, and requires regular maintenance to maintain a high degree of performance.  Our service agreements are tailored to your system needs, including:

  • User validation, set up and removal
  • Sensor validated for accuracy
  • Alarms verified for limits and destination
  • Network communication fast and robust
  • Monitoring the collection of trends and histories
  • Time schedules verified to building needs
  • Point overrides investigated and resolved
  • Control loops tuned and achieving setpoint
  • Verify reset schedules based on building load
  • Refining your systems sequence of operation

Our service agreements are extremely flexible to meet your needs and fit your budget, and our sales team will not pressure you to pay for things you don’t need.  Call us at 630.836.9440 or contact us here.

Other Unique Ways We can help you

Pressure Free Consultation
Our control systems experts can help you understand your building automation needs, and present a plan based on your needs as well as your budget.  From full system replacements to smaller recommissioning projects, our team shows you all that is possible without pressuring you to buy. 

Does your budget require a phased approach to system replacement?  We are skilled in integrating new components into existing systems allowing you to upgrade targeted and specific areas of your building over time.  Our staff is ready to help you understand your building automation needs and set a plan based on your priorities.   

ComED Rebate
We are a certified ComEd Trade Ally and can work with you to implement system modifications that improve comfort, save energy, save utility spending, and maximize rebate offered by ComED.  We’ll put together required paperwork and submit it to ComEd before your project even begins, helping to find every possible funding source for your project.  Call our team to learn all of your options.

System Recommissioning
System recommissioning is a great option for companies looking to create energy savings without the cost of a full or partial system replacement.  We are able to tune-up your control systems functionality, alarms, user access and scheduling to have your existing system working at its best.

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